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RE: Ms. Flor Rojas Duran, Eugenia AKA Flora and Mr. Osman Ozbek

Without prejudice:

Pavilion Property Management issues this public statement to warn the community about the potential risks associated with dealing with the individuals named above.

We caution the public about potential criminal offenses, including Fraud, Trespassing, Forgery, and Vandalism, which have been discovered within our organization. Our recent investigations have uncovered instances of fraudulence, including the forging of invoices, creation of fake payments, and falsification of official company documents in our organization and by our staff members. Substantial evidence, gathered beyond reasonable doubt, has led us to engage a criminal lawyer to pursue this matter with the police and ensure appropriate charges are brought forth.

It’s essential to clarify that Ms. Duran was never a tenant within our properties. She was initially hired as a Superintendent and continued to occupy the designated Superintendent’s unit as her workplace. Her resignation, effective April 2nd, 2024, was confirmed via text messages and supported by invoice receipts. Subsequently, out of good faith, we extended an offer to Ms. Duran to apply for residency within the building by completing a tenant application and paying the required first and last month’s rent. However, Ms. Duran declined this offer and instead presented us with an invalid and/or allgedly forged lease agreement. We emphasize that no valid lease is registered for her within our system, and the unit she occupies has always been designated exclusively as the Superintendent’s residence, not available for rent to any party.

For any contract to be considered binding, adherence to fundamental terms and conditions is essential. Ms. Duran’s failure to fulfill the requirement of paying the first and last month’s rent to Pavilion Property Management, Inc., as well as the absence of any such record within our system, renders the purported lease agreement void.

Ms. Duran’s actions, including the falsification of company documents and her occupation of the Superintendent’s unit, have disrupted our normal operations and compromised the safety and well-being of more than 180 residents, including senior citizens who rely on an onsite Superintendent for their security.

Moreover, we have compelling evidence suggesting that Ms. Duran’s spouse, Mr. Ozbek Osman, who is not a resident of the building, and banned by the condominium Board of directors from entering the premises has tampered with our underground access control system, posing a significant fire and safety hazard to our residents. Additionally, Ms. Duran has submitted fake invoices for service hours not rendered, further exacerbating the severity of the situation.

We have already contacted the authorities and will be pursuing criminal charges against both Ms. Duran and Mr. Osman for vandalism, trespassing, and fraud. Our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all residents, particularly our senior citizens, remains unwavering.

Therefore, it is imperative that Ms. Duran and her spouse vacate the premises immediately to restore normalcy and safeguard our residents. We sincerely apologize to our residents at the Pavilion Residences and request them to contact our interim off-site Superintendent, Adam at +1 (365) 883 1745, or contact us directly via email at: [email protected] until we are able to evict Ms. Duran and Mr. Osman from the Superintendent’s unit 501 and secure a new permanent onsite superintendent.

We urge you to caution Ms. Duran and Mr. Osman about the potential consequences of their actions and to vacate the premises as soon as possible. We intend to pursue this matter both criminally and through civil court proceedings.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Pavilion Residences Board of Directors