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Pavilion Residences,

Pavilion Residences is the property located at the 70 Emerald St. South, of Hamilton, Ontario, The mid/high rise building that was purchased with the goal of providing safe, high quality and friendly residences to the public at an affordable rate.

What makes Pavilion Residences / us different?

We manage our very own Property Management Company and extreme care to the details are provided to the units and our tenants.

Furthermore, we do not mind having the units empty, but we make sure to find the right tenant(s) who would add value to the safe, secure, quiet, professional and family oriented group of tenants we currently have in the building, so you are rest assured that your neighbors are the best that’s out there.

How is the Pavilion Residences any different than some other condominium buildings in the province?

We have included Heat/gas/water/maintenance in the asking rent payment, NOT plus, plus …!;
We have many corner units with beautiful mountain and downtown view;
We have balconies in almost all units;
We have available fenced outdoor and secured underground parking with remote garage door opener;
We use the highest quality material in our building, even better quality than what is being used in 5 start Toronto Hotels;
Our tenants are not unit numbers, but persons that we get to know and care for their residency needs;
We are a condominium building, not an apartment complex;
We have the highest level of security with over 15 cameras installed in all floors and common elements in addition to FOB access system installed in the building;
We have installed and operating Automatic Fire Alarm Call System in our building that notifies the fire department automatically in an unlikely event of fire.

What are some of the past/future improvements?


Fully renovated the common areas (except the Basement, Elevator and laundry room) in 2014;
Brand new roofing system installed in 2017;
New pain of all balconies;


Installation of a new boiler within 60 days;
Renovation of the Basement area commencing on April 26, 2018;
Re-location of the laundry room to a bigger room with new card reader washer/dryers machines commencing on May 01, 2018;
Renovation of the Elevator cabin commencing on May 01, 2018;

What do we stand for at the Pavilion Residences?

We take upon ourselves the duty of providing a safe, clean and calm environment to our tenants; we care, maintain and constantly improve our property to ensure the well-being of families who’ve trusted us with this great responsibility, And unlike many large corporations, we do not take action based on numbers and year-end books, but by the morals and ethics of what’s right and what’s wrong, what must be done and what can wait.


2 Bed
1 Bath

2-bedroom unit# 604 – Very Large sub-penthouse Unit

2-bedroom unit# 604 – Very Large sub-penthouse Unit where you fall in love ample kitchen…

$ 1725

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